Friends Dog Haven


Friends Dog Haven is a non-profit organization located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee dedicated to bringing senior dogs in and providing them with the care, love, and comfort they need until they find their forever home. Typically housing around 120 senior dogs, FDH strives to bring awareness to the joys and challeneges of caring for older dogs.

Create a brand image that reflects the qualities, values, and vibrant personality of Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary.


Throughout its decade of operation, Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary has amassed a cult following. By rebranding under its shortened name and a unified look, Friends Dog Haven aims to emulate positive change while maintaining the personality that made it a nationally adored organization.

Friends Dog Haven is an organization that embraces its casual country roots. While they have a wide reach, they prioritze maintaining the homey personality that brought them national recognition. With an emphasis on an honest and quirky voice, FDH uses humble means of outreach to bring awareness to the elderly dogs they care for.

Photography used in this project is courtesy of Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary and is used only for the purpose of creating this student project

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